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Consider the benefits of each option when you are considering roof replacement or restoration. You’ll save money while also helping the environment. The main difference between a repair job and a replacement job, is that a restoration job can extend the life expectancy of your roof. A replacement job will only last between 10-20years. If you are considering selling your house soon or if your existing roof is in need of repair, a roof restoration may be the best option.

Many roofs can easily be restored. However, some roofs require complete replacement. If your roof isn’t suitable for restoration, then the latter is recommended. The process of replacement involves removing all of the shingles, replacing the underlayment, and layering new shingles. You can also layer new shingles on top of existing ones if the existing ones were not in perfect condition. Multiple leaks, moss or other lichen growths, moisture in the deck, insulation, or an old roof that is deteriorating or outdated are all reasons to replace your roof.

When deciding whether to do roof replacement or restoration, it is important to consider the extent of damage. When a roof is severely damaged, there is no other way but to replace it. The damage must be extensive and irreversible in order to make the restoration a viable option. A total roof replacement is necessary for severely damaged roofs. In the case of minor damage, restoration may be sufficient. If the damage is not severe, restoration may be the best choice.

Restoring your roof is a better option than having it replaced completely if it is beyond repair. It will eliminate the need for a tear-off and reusing the old roof. It will strengthen your roof and prevent any further damage. If the damage is only minor, you may be able to get away with a restoration project. If you aren’t sure if a restoration job is right for your needs, you can do some research and speak to professionals who have done the type of restoration that you’re interested.

Roof restoration is a great option but it can’t repair major damage. It is important that you hire a roofing company who specializes in restoring damaged roofs. In some cases, you may be able repair your roof yourself for as little as $100. A professional might be better if you need a complete replacement. It will last longer than a restore.

If your roof is in a good overall condition, a restoration will likely be a better option than a replacement. It is possible to repair the roof’s original structure, but it is not always possible to do a complete tear-off. If you are trying to restore a whole roof, you may need it to be replaced. It is possible to have it repaired by a professional.

A roof restoration is an option for certain roof types but not for all. You can save money by restoring your roof rather than replacing it. However, if the damage is too extensive or a long-term problem, you may need to consider a total replacement. This option is more costly than a simple restoration but can be a great solution for small problems.

Roof restoration is a great choice if you’re experiencing the same problems that a replacement. Restoring a roof can not only save money but also help with other problems. A professional can help assess the extent of damage to your roof. By evaluating the condition of your roof, a professional will be able to recommend the best course of action for your home.

For all roofs, restoration is not an option. In fact, some roofs cannot be restored. A restoration will not be possible if your roof has many leaks. Additionally, a restoration is more energy-efficient and can result in higher LEED points for your property. Take your time when choosing the right roofing solution. Your home’s exterior is the most important aspect of your property.


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