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Security guard services are a popular career choice for people who want to work in the security industry. People working in the security service industry can provide protection to business owners, government officials and other individuals. Security guards can provide monitoring, apprehension or custody services to individuals who are subject to various court orders, such as detention without trial. Guards can also apprehend suspects after they have broken the law by arresting them without warrant.

Security guards can be employed part-time, full-time, or a combination depending on the company’s size. All security guards work under the direction of a supervisor, usually an officer or supervisor. Large corporations often require additional security officers or guards.

Security guard services employ security guards who are dressed in uniforms similar to those employed by other police officers. The blue-white uniform is the most popular uniform used by security officers. Most security guard uniforms are white. Some guards may wear green, blue, or gray uniforms. Security guards can also wear accessories such as bulletproof vests. These vests come in many styles and designs to suit the needs of their client.

One of the most important aspects of security services is the way in which the staff is trained. This training allows security guards to be fully prepared to react quickly to any situation that may arise on the job. Our security guards receive the training necessary to arrest someone involved in illegal or violent activity.

Security guards are also taught to carry a weapon while on duty. Although many times unarmed security guards are used, sometimes unarmed security services are also required to carry firearms. Security guards who are employed in areas where access to firearms is prohibited are often referred to as armed guards. These security guards are still subject to the supervision of law enforcement officers.

Our security services are required to meet a number of stringent legal requirements before becoming a permanent part of the workforce. All security officers must hold a valid license from the state in order to legally provide security service. They must also have passed all required psychological evaluations. They must also have received rigorous training in customer service and safety. Special event protection training is required for security officers who work in areas that may require the use or threat of deadly force.

An eight-hour training program must be completed by security officers. This covers issues such as personal safety and proper body armor use. The program also deals with emergency procedures and properly handling weapon emergencies. During this training program, security guards are taught how to de-hostile act, including how to identify a hostile individual, what to do if they surrender, how to follow orders, and how to safely use deadly force. Security guards learn how to effectively restrain an arm-wielding suspect as part of their training. Security guards are required by special event protection training to be able successfully complete a one-man barrier situation. This training can take up one year before guards are eligible for full duty status.

Unarmed security guards are required to be licensed and vetted by the state before being allowed to serve. Federal criminal background checks are performed on security officers licensed by the state. They also verify employment history. The courts also monitor unarmed guards more closely. When a question is raised about the employment of security officers, those who have been certified or licensed by their state are subjected to court supervision.

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