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The first step in purchasing a house for sale on are is to check out the surrounding real estate
market. You might find other homes for sale in the same area, but they may be less expensive
or closer to important locations. Compare prices to determine the best deal. Never go with the
first house you find on a property search site. Instead, look at several and make a decision
based on your needs and circumstances.
The downside to a “as is” sale is that you will likely have to make repairs yourself. These sellers
usually sell their houses at a lower price than their fair market value because they are often
facing similar financial hardships to you. This makes it harder to get an offer on a house listed
“as Is.”
A benefit to selling your house off-market is the possibility of finding it at a discounted price.
These homes aren’t for sale on MLS so you can find a significant discount if one is purchased off
market. Additionally, since these sellers are not looking to get top dollar, they’re unlikely to get
into a bidding war. No matter what your motivation, it is important to thoroughly consider all
options before you put your house up for sale

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