Weddings and romantic Mácha’s Lake

Holanské Ponds


The area comprises 23 ponds supplied from the Bobří Brook. The ponds were probably founded in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Museum and Gallery of National History and Geography in Česká Lípa

Ceska Lipa

The Česká Lípa Museum is located in the complex of the buildings of the former Augustinian Monastery in the centre of the town.

Glassworks Slavia

Novy Bor

The world of Glassworks Slavia is the hand made glass production.

Airport Česká Lípa

Ceska Lipa

The airport in Česká Lípa offers flying for the public and a flying school.

Nový Bor Cinema

Novy Bor

The civic cinema is situated on the outskirts of a park near the centre of Nový Bor.

Houska Castle


Because of the original Gothic chapel, Houska is considered a rarity in the Central European region.

Novy Bor Civic Theatre

Novy Bor

The civic theatre in Novy Bor is an communal centre, where besides theatre performances, pop music concerts, exhibitions and other events also take place.

Crystal Cinema, Česká Lípa

Ceska Lipa

The Crystal cinema is situated in the Crystal communal house in the centre of Česká Lípa.

Zahrádky Chateau


The Zahrádky Chateau is situated at a wonderful locality in the middle of a park at the edge of a sandstone platform.

Ajeto Czech Glass Craft s.r.o., Lindava

Novy Bor

The Ajeto glass factory lies in the village of Lindava, about ten kilometres east of Nový Bor.