Stare Splavy

Accommodation Stare Splavy

Accommodation Stare Splavy

Stare Splavy, a well-known recreational centre in the region of Macha, was founded in the second half of the 13th century. Staré Splavy is situated on the banks of Lake Mácha.

Service offers all types of accommodation. The offer includes hotels, guest houses, cottages and bungalows or series of camps and private accommodation.


Mácha´s Lake - attractive tourist location.

The largest artifical water area (686 acres) in Mácha´s region was founded as Velký rybník by Emperor Charles IV., King of Bohemia, in 1367. It is at an elevation 266 m.

In the 1920´s the Big lake was opened for recreation with the creation of the Beachand estabilishment of water transport. At this time there were also efforts to rename Mácha´s Lake as a Big Lake, though since the 1960´s nobody has called it by any name other than Mácha´s Lake. Two small rock islands - Myší and Kachní - are imoprtant ornithological locations. Therefore the entrance on them is prohibited.

Today, thank to it´s romantic location in the middle of pine forests and sourrounded by the hills of  Stare Splavy and Doksy, Mácha´s Lake is an attractive tourist location...

Recreational centre Myslivna

Bungalows Myslivna is located below the hill Borny in the city Doksy – Staré Splavy. Macha Lake (Máchovo jezero), which is one of the largest recreational water areas in the Czech Republic, is located about 300 meters from the resort Myslivna.

Recreational centre Snílek

Recreational centre Snílek offers accommodation in town Staré Splavy, in the tourist region Macha´s Area.

Residence LakePark

Residence LakePark is located close to Mácha\'s Lake, in the village Stare Splavy. The Mácha Lake area is ideal for family holidays, active holidays or even a romantic weekend.

Recreational centre Elite

Recreational resort Elite offers accommodation in the village Stare Splavy, close to city Doksy, in popular recreation area Lake Macha.

Hotel Na Pláži

Hotel Na Pláži is part of the Aquapark Stare Splavy. It lies on the bank of the largest recreational water area in the North Bohemia - Macha Lake in the tourist region Macha Area.

Recreational Centre Harmonie

The Harmonice recreational resort offers accommodation approx. 15 minutes’ walk from a 300-metre-long sandy beach at Máchovo jezero. The resort is located in the village of Staré Splavy, in the Mácha Region.

Recreational centre Arnika

Recreation center Arnika provides accommodation in pine forest right, on the shore of Macha Lake. Own beach is only 10 meters from the cottages. Arnika stay in the village Stare Splavy, close to city Doksy, in popular recreation area Lake Macha.

Pension Na Slunci

Pension Na Slunci offers accommodation in the village of Stare Splavy, 150 meters from Macha Lake. Location of the pension is exceptional - is oriented to the meadows and fields and also five minutes from the lake. Surrounding of Macha Lake offers guests ideal conditions for year-round activities. A paradise for cycling and hiking, mushroom picking, visiting historical sites, water sports and winter ice skating on the lake.

Restaurant Myslivna

Restaurant Myslivna is located below the hill Borny in the city Doksy – Staré Splavy.

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