Weddings and romantic Mácha’s Lake

Confluence of the Elbe and Vltava Rivers


The confluence of the Elbe and the Vltava Rivers is an outstanding dominant feature of the city of Mělník. The best view of it is from the terraces near the Mělník Chateau.

Petrified castle


The rock formation called the Zkamenělý Zámek - Petrified Castle is located 8 km to the north-west of Mšeno.

Renaissance Fair on the Houska Castle


The end of the summer holidays annually see a Renaissance Fair held on the Houska Castle, which celebrates the Renaissance period of the castle’s history. Swordplay, dancing, crafts and a medieval fair on the castle courtyard are all to be seen here.

Town fortification in Mělník


Despite the fact that the town fortifications were demolished in the first half of the 19th century, we can still marvel at the Prague Gate, built around 1500, and remnants of the fortification in the Jungmann Orchard.

Restaurant Zlatá Lípa

Noviny pod Ralskem

Restaurant is a part of the Pension Zlatá Lípa and offers catering in town Noviny pod Ralskem, in region Macha´s Area.

Glassworkers’ celebrations in Nový Bor

Novy Bor

The glassworkers’ celebrations are held in recognition of the traditional craft of glassmaking. A glassworkers’ market is erected right on the Mírové square in Nový Bor each June. Here, every visitor has the opportunity of trying various glassworking techniques. Naturally, a musical performance of many genres is also part of the celebrations, and a range of competitions cater to the childrens’ tastes.

Prospects for Nový Bor

Novy Bor

Nový Bor gateway Lusatian Mountains offers a unique view of the surroundings. Now it is possible to bypass the most interesting prospects and thanks panoramic boards to learn the names of hills, hills and mountains, which enjoy

Walking tour to the Czech rock

Novy Bor

Come with us on a hike near nontraditional Prácheň. Czech rock, or Čečka offers a beautiful view of the Lusatian Mountains.

Rock formation Králův stolec


Two kilometers to the east of Doksy there is a sandstone block called Králův stolec - King\'s Seat.

Bankomat ČSOB

Ceska Lipa

Restaurant Kamýk


Restaurant is a part of the Hotel Kamýk and offers catering in city Doksy, in region Macha´s Area.

Milčanský Pond


Milčanský Pond is one of the group of Holanské Ponds. The group consists of 23 ponds supplied with water from the Bobří Brook.

Nový Bor

Novy Bor

Nový Bor is a picturesque town located on the border of two protected landscape areas - České středohoří and Lužické hory. In the past the development of the town was closely connected with the development of glassmaking. Nowadays plenty of small glass foundries attract tourists from all over the world to see the manufacture of blown, painted, cut or engraved glass with their own eyes. The local Glass Museum ranks among interesting sights as well.