Weddings and romantic Mácha’s Lake

Woodcarvers’ workshop Doksy


Anually, September sees a meeting of woorcarvers at the Woodcarvers’ worshop Doksy on the garden of the Memorial of K.H. Mácha in Doksy.

For memorable trees Nový Bor and surroundings

Novy Bor

We invite you to stroll interesting Nový Bor and memorable environment for trees.



Blatce, a holiday village, is located in Konrádovský důl around 20km away from Česká Lípa in the direction of Dubá.

St. Bartholomew`s Church in Doksy


St. Bartholomew`s Church was built in 1638 in a Baroque style. Later, two side chapels were added to it. The tower was made higher and modified into today`s shape in the year 1832.

Prospects for Nový Bor

Novy Bor

Nový Bor gateway Lusatian Mountains offers a unique view of the surroundings. Now it is possible to bypass the most interesting prospects and thanks panoramic boards to learn the names of hills, hills and mountains, which enjoy

Lípa Musica Festival

Ceska Lipa

The international musical festival of Lípa Musica is annually held in select towns of the Liberec region, generally from September through to November. The locations of the concerts are: Česká Lípa, Liberec, Jablonec nad Nisou, Jablonné v Podještědí, Nový Bor, Nový Oldřichov, Kravaře v Čechách, Zahrádky u České Lípy, Horní Libchava and Jezvé

Chateau Doksy (not open to the public)


The Renaissance Castle in Doksy is situated next to the farmyard and is surrounded by the English Park.

Confluence of the Elbe and Vltava Rivers


The confluence of the Elbe and the Vltava Rivers is an outstanding dominant feature of the city of Mělník. The best view of it is from the terraces near the Mělník Chateau.

Rock formation Králův stolec


Two kilometers to the east of Doksy there is a sandstone block called Králův stolec - King\'s Seat.

Lázně Kundratice


Village Lázně Kundratice is situated in the lower part of Osečná, southwest of Liberec. It is probably the oldest spa in Czechia. In 1880 Josef Schwan built here a small house with two baths and used local peat for bathing.