Weddings and romantic Mácha’s Lake

Natural monument Klokočka

Bela pod Bezdezem

Klokočka is a part of the floodplain of Bělá brook. It is situated along the railway line in Velký Rečkov.

St. Bartholomew`s Church in Doksy


St. Bartholomew`s Church was built in 1638 in a Baroque style. Later, two side chapels were added to it. The tower was made higher and modified into today`s shape in the year 1832.

Die Sternennacht auf der Burg Houska


Die Nacht mit Sternen auf der Burg Houska ist ein traditionelles sommerliches Benefizkonzert im Zeichen der Sterne. In der Regel treten auf diesem Festival viele Stars der Popmusic und Musicals auf.

Borný Hill


The hill named Borný is a basalt hill, elevated 446 metres above sea level.

Stráž pod Ralskem

Straz pod Ralskem

Stráž pod Ralskem is located on the connection between Liberec and Česká Lípa, around 10km from the Czech-Polish-German border.



Holany is located around 9km south-west of Česká Lípa. It lies in picturesque landscape of Máchův kraj, in a region with many ponds.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Holany


The late Baroque-style Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Baroque-style presbytery are landmarks of Holany.

Nový Bor

Novy Bor

Nový Bor is a picturesque town located on the border of two protected landscape areas - České středohoří and Lužické hory. In the past the development of the town was closely connected with the development of glassmaking. Nowadays plenty of small glass foundries attract tourists from all over the world to see the manufacture of blown, painted, cut or engraved glass with their own eyes. The local Glass Museum ranks among interesting sights as well.