Weddings and romantic Mácha’s Lake

St. Prokop statue in Doksy


In front of Hospitalek stands a restored statue of St. Prokop. It is the same statue, which was originally situated in the fields to the south of Dubá.

Church of St. Catherine, Sloup v Čechách

Sloup v Cechach

St. Catherine`s Church is situated opposite the chateau. It was first mentioned in 1327.

Bankomat ČSOB

Straz pod Ralskem

Noviny pod Ralskem

Noviny pod Ralskem

Noviny pod Ralskem is located around 5km away from Stráž pod Ralskem, between the Lipka and Ralsko hills. The village extends on both banks of the Ploučnice stream.

St. Bartholomew`s Church in Doksy


St. Bartholomew`s Church was built in 1638 in a Baroque style. Later, two side chapels were added to it. The tower was made higher and modified into today`s shape in the year 1832.

Petrified castle


The rock formation called the Zkamenělý Zámek - Petrified Castle is located 8 km to the north-west of Mšeno.



Holany is located around 9km south-west of Česká Lípa. It lies in picturesque landscape of Máchův kraj, in a region with many ponds.

Pizzeria Sentiero

Stare Splavy

Pizzeria Sentiero is part of the pension Almi, which is located in Staré Splavy near the Macha lake.

Dubice swimming centre

Ceska Lipa

The natural swimming centre is situated near Česká Lípa at the mouth of the Peklo valley.

Chateau Doksy (not open to the public)


The Renaissance Castle in Doksy is situated next to the farmyard and is surrounded by the English Park.



Many places and many cities can boast of their magnificent history and beautiful setting in the surrounding countryside, but only a few can offer a combination of so many singular and remarkable sightseeing as the city of Mělník.

Restaurant Zlatá Lípa

Noviny pod Ralskem

Restaurant is a part of the Pension Zlatá Lípa and offers catering in town Noviny pod Ralskem, in region Macha´s Area.