PLA Kokořínsko

Správa CHKO Kokořínsko, Česká ul. 149
Mělník 27601
Telefon: +420 315 728 061
Telefon: +420 315 628 293
Telefon: +420 315 728 077
The Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area stretches over the area of 265 km2, about 40 kilometres to the northwest from Prague.

The locality of Kokořínsko is frequently visited in particular for the scenic landscape. The region of Kokořínsko offers a wide range of recreational activities for tourists and cyclists. Geologically, the region of Kokořínsko is a part of the Czech cretaceous basin. It consists of Mezoic sediments, mostly coarse sandstone. The most significant valley in the region of Kokořínsko is the valley of the Pšovka River.

The locality is known for attractive rock formations that were created from weathering rock platforms. The most distinctive dominant element of the region is the romantic castle named Kokořín.