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Forest sculptures by Václav Levý

Liběchov 27721
In the forest not far from Liběchov, towards Želízy, you may come across sculptures carved by Václav Levý, a local sculptor.

The sculptures named Čertí Hlavy, Klácelka, Had and Harfenice are accessible from the blue round trail with a total length of 12.5 km. Near the cave called Klácelka, Václav Levý created monumental sculptures of some important personalities and Czech historic heroes.

Čertovy Hlavy (Devil Heads). The reliefs of two heads that look like devils. Locality – above the village of Želízy.

Harfenice. The sandstone block situated about 2 km to the northwest from Želízy, near a wide forest path.

Maří Magdaléna. The cave carved in sandstone, about 1 km to the south from the Harfenice.

It is distinctive because of the relief depicting a snake cut with an axe.